ID 42473 - Summary & Technical Skills


I am an experienced consultant and lead architect with more than 20 years of detailed knowledge of all aspects of development and production of business process supporting IT-systems.
The common denominator for typical projects are: complex architecture, distributed component-based enterprise architecture, system-integration and multi-channel-solutions.
Mostly based upon Java (J2EE/Java x EE) or C++ and Corba development.

Projects have mostly been implemented in complex and multi-faceted organisations in so-called “heterogeneous large-chaos environments!”
Regarding methods, I am a RUP expert and experienced in other agile methods such as scrum.
My area of expertise covers:

- Implementation and use of Object-oriented methods (process and documentation), RUP, Scrum, Service modeling, Danish Tax Authorities business modeling

- Analysis, specification and modeling of business processes and requirements including using BPMN and Use Cases

- Enterprise Architecture (OIO-EA, SOA, Zachman, TOGAF)

- IT-Governance: ITIL, (COBIT)

- Different types of knowledge transfer: teaching, coaching and mentoring.

I have an exceedingly good way with other people. i understand the needs and demands on every level of every stake-holder, so I know how to pass on my IT-knowledge.

I am a really good mentor and coach! I have a past as assistant professor in computer science.

Technical Skills

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Skill AreaFull Skill Path SkillSkill Level
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DevelopmentDevelopment | Database DatabaseLow
DevelopmentDevelopment | Middleware | WebLogic WebLogicLow
DevelopmentDevelopment | Middleware | WebSphere application server WebSphere application serverLow
DevelopmentDevelopment | Operating Systems | Unix UnixLow
DevelopmentDevelopment | Programming Languages | C++ C++Low
DevelopmentDevelopment | Programming Languages | Java JavaLow
DevelopmentDevelopment | Programming Languages | Java | J2EE J2EELow
DevelopmentDevelopment | Software Practice | Agile AgileLow
DevelopmentDevelopment | Software Practice | Scrum ScrumLow
DevelopmentDevelopment | Software Practice | SOA SOALow
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