ID 43570 - Summary & Technical Skills


I am a Master of Science, with an exam from Linköping University of Technology in Sweden.
My course of study was in applied mathematics with programming, statistics, optimization and numerical methods. I went out with top marks and started PhD studies in mathematics and statistics. For the next 6 years I taught university students and carried on reading. I was (and still am) a genuine math nerd. I was happy to solve difficult mathematical and theoretical problems, and I could easily understand the deepest mathematical theories.

Then my life took a new turn. As many other young people, I became involved in the peace movement. I wanted to test my creative powers with theater and communication. I completed an alternative education in acting and an education in coaching and NLP, and for a number of years I made my living as an artist and lecturer.

Five years ago, I found myself longing for mental and intellectual challenge, and therefore I have revived my previous skills and subjects and have again started working with IT. I have a private business from where I help local people, associations and small businesses with all IT related matters. It's anything from small trivial tasks, over website designing, to design and programming of control and monitoring of a heating plant.

I have produced two apps both found in an Android and an iOS edition. I code mainly in Java and Android Studio, and designs 3D animations in Blender. With the two tools, libgdx and Intel's Multi-OS Engine, I've got my code to work with OpenGL on the two mobile platforms. I feel most happy when tasks are beyond the trivial and I strive to produce beautiful and well-designed code. I am persevering and solve the programming tasks I get.
I am easygoing, easy smile and laugh. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and really like to teach and to promote a pleasant and positive atmosphere.

Technical Skills

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Skill AreaFull Skill Path SkillSkill Level
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DevelopmentDevelopment | Buildtools | Gradle GradleMedium
DevelopmentDevelopment | Databases | MySQL MySQLMedium
DevelopmentDevelopment | IDE | IntelliJ 16 IntelliJ 16Medium
DevelopmentDevelopment | IDE | NetBeans NetBeansLow
DevelopmentDevelopment | Middleware | Apache HTTP Server Apache HTTP ServerLow
DevelopmentDevelopment | Middleware | Apache Tomcat Apache TomcatLow
DevelopmentDevelopment | Middleware | JBoss JBossLow
DevelopmentDevelopment | Operating Systems | Linux-Ubuntu Linux-UbuntuMedium
DevelopmentDevelopment | Operating Systems | Windows NT Windows NTMedium
DevelopmentDevelopment | Programming Languages | C CLow
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