ID 44019 - Summary & Technical Skills


My education is as Bachelor of Architecture, Master in Urban Design. Now I am studying Computer Science (Academy Professionel degree) in Denmark. 

I started my work experience in VandaShahrParsian (Isfahan/Iran) as an interior and exterior designer. I am working as a 3d-modeling designer with Auto-cad,3Ds max and Revit. I immigrated to Denmark three years ago with GR1 work permit visa, and I found learning multimedia design and web design interesting - and I can mix it with my architecture background.

I started to learn IT technology, programming, scrum and Networks as well as Business Economics at Esbjerg Business School. I am familiar with C#(.Net), Java and SQL, game development, CCNA1,2,3,4 and scrum, etc. I learn how high-levels languages function and how to use them in business-related scenarios. After 2 years experiences, I can now work as a web and application designer. I passed two courses in game development designer and I got 3 Cisco network and security certifications. I am a permanent member of Nova Talent EU & EASV Talent DK. I am working as Front-End designer intern at Viking, where I create business cards, edit and make videoes for them (Adobe creative Pro CC) and edit photos with PhotoShop. I am part of marketing department and I am enjoying my tasks in the friendly enviroment.

Technical Skills

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Skill AreaFull Skill Path SkillSkill Level
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ApplicationApplication | Microsoft | Development | Tools | Office 365 Office 365Medium
ApplicationApplication | Microsoft | Development | Tools | Visual Studio | Visual Studio 2012 Visual Studio 2012Medium
ApplicationApplication | Microsoft | Development | Tools | Windows Phone Windows PhoneMedium
ApplicationApplication | Microsoft | Development | Web | ASP.NET | 5.0 5.0Medium
DevelopmentDevelopment | Database | MS SQL Server MS SQL ServerLow
DevelopmentDevelopment | Database | MySQL MySQLLow
DevelopmentDevelopment | IDE | NetBeans NetBeansMedium
DevelopmentDevelopment | Programming Languages | C# C#Medium
DevelopmentDevelopment | Programming Languages | HTML HTMLMedium
DevelopmentDevelopment | Programming Languages | Java JavaLow
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