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Summary from LinkedIn profile - February 2018:
I have 10 years experience in SW development and 3 years experience as a Team Lead. I am Team Lead in a high performance SW team of that develops end2end SW (Web applications) solutions to law enforcement agencies and communication services providers worldwide. I have successfully contributed making the team agile, self organized and highly motivated. During my career I have developed both embedded software in C for mobile platforms, desktop (C#, C++) and web applications (C#, ASP.NET, HTML, CSS Javascript, SQL etc.) with many different technologies. My experience in these areas has given me the necessary platform to be a strong Team Lead. My goal is to always improve my technical, communication and personal skills. Developing good software is not easy and requires a person who has a good understanding of the whole software development life cycle and not just the technical aspect. I try to be that person and am lucky to have the opportunity at the moment in my Team Lead role. I am curious by nature and always open for new ideas and changes if they provide value for the team and company. I am extrovert and have good communication skills to developers, managers and customers.

Technical Skills

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