ID 45101 - Summary & Technical Skills


Professional Java and Clojure developer since 2001. Combines a strong frontend with a pretty neat backend.
Jonas is a rare combination of a:
■ Fullstack developer who creates rock solid code.
■ Creative person with a natural flair for visual design and usability.
■ Teamplayer with strong interpersonal skills and lots of humor.
This combination makes him a natural fit for architecturing, designing and implementing single page applications, in which he now has more than 15 years of experience.
Jonas has been working most of his professional career in the financial sector (private and public). Though in his sparetime things like event-driven tournament systems has been developed to support his great interest in table-soccer :)
Other pinpoints about Jonas:
■ Unique ability to abstract complex domain areas into simple code, that speeds up the development process of the entire team.
■ Lot's of experience regarding large, highly configurable, single-page applications.
■ Focuses on the product and believes that technology is a tool - not an answer.
■ Strives for usability and simplicity in every aspect of this work.
■ Strong interests in starting up new projects - creating the foundation and constraints for succesfull projects.
■ Highly creative, which often leads to phenomenal graphical user interfaces and ease of use.
■ Has a lot of humor, is easy to work with and is often referred to as a gift for any team ;).
Core technologies : Java, Clojure, Clojurescript, GWT, React, HTML5, CSS3.

Technical Skills

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DevelopmentDevelopment | Buildtools | Ant AntLow
DevelopmentDevelopment | Databases | Oracle OracleLow
DevelopmentDevelopment | Middleware | WebLogic WebLogicLow
DevelopmentDevelopment | Programming Languages | Clojure ClojureLow
DevelopmentDevelopment | Programming Languages | HTML HTMLLow
DevelopmentDevelopment | Programming Languages | HTML5 HTML5Low
DevelopmentDevelopment | Programming Languages | Java JavaLow
DevelopmentDevelopment | Programming Languages | Java | EJB EJBLow
DevelopmentDevelopment | Programming Languages | Java | Frameworks | Hibernate HibernateLow
DevelopmentDevelopment | Programming Languages | Java | Frameworks | Swing SwingLow
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