IT Infrastructure Security Consultant

Job description

  1. Design and document the iWAF and gWAF solution deployment
  2. Ensure WAF policies deployment automation based on existing service deployment automation framework
  3. Closely cooperate with our clients IT infrastructure and development teams to ensure fulfilment of the requirements during implementation
  4. Prepare and document test cases for solution functional tests
  5. On-board applications in gWAF and iWAF in LAB, PRE-PROD and PROD environments
  6. Document troubleshooting and policy customization guides for further solution improvement process
  7. Provide internal knowledge sharing to engineers who will be responsible for further platform development and operations
  8. Participate in kick-off and planning meetings with project managers to meet implementation deadlines
  9. Follow our clients internal procedures, such as: change management, incident management, time registration, IT systems ordering and etc

Qualifications required

  1. At least 3+ years of experience in IT security systems engineering.
  2. Very good English (both oral and written).
  3. University degree, e.g. in Computer Science or Engineering.
  4. Understanding of security concepts and tools in designing and operating physical/virtual servers.
  5. Strong understanding of TCP/IP protocol, Web Application Firewalls and Load Balancing technologies.
  6. Good understanding of Application Security principles and protection techniques.
  7. Experience with Citrix Netscaler WAF solution in particular is a must
  8. Experience with AVI platform and AVI iWAF solution in particular
  9. Experience with other WAF vendors
  10. Understanding Linux and Windows platform internals, tools and user land components.
  11. General overview of implementing infrastructure solutions in medium/large scale environments.
  12. General understanding of security strategies and technologies in a large enterprise.
  13. A “yes we can” attitude
  14. Creative problem solving skills
  15. An ability to self-organize

Contact Person
Henrik Blankschön Nielsen

To apply for this position please send your resume to

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