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We add value and momentum to your organization and IT projects, by sourcing top qualified IT Managers and IT Specialists – Globally

Lack of internal resources holding the right qualifications for a specific project?

We will source the right staff with the right qualifications for your projects

Are you looking to increase quality and speed to your IT projects?

Let us help you achieve successful deliveries

Finding it difficult to source people with the right IT skills?

Let us find your next IT specialist or IT manager, no matter where, when and for how long you need them

Great companies we are trusted by

Find the right IT specialist for your project or organisation

We value great people and a great company culture – therefore, we always aim at matching great skills with great organisation

Dedicated to your success

The skill set required to be a manager, to execute tasks or to be a project team member are different and having the right skills on board is often the difference between success and failure.

We are dedicated to support whatever the requirements, and we will source the right skill set for each and every job, tasks or project that our customers might have around the world.

Are you a match?

We are always looking for talented, dedicated, bright individuals who matches the GISP Group consultant criteria. If you think you are a match, we would be delighted to hear from you, so go check out our Consultants page for details:

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