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For more than 10 years we have strived and succeeded in finding the right match between our clients´ needs and the IT Specialists´ skills and competencies – giving our clients the business advantage they seek.

Speed up your projects and lower your risk​

We have specialized in high quality assurance of IT Specialists. Understanding resource requirements and competencies in all aspects of business critical needs and projects – and thereby lowering risk.​

Flexibility and cost saving​

By engaging our freelancers you gain flexibility and control over your projects. This will add momentum, expertise and success while at the same time saving considerable costs.

Time is money
– so we work fast​

​We work efficient and fast to find your new IT Specialist. Using our web-based system, our large database with highly qualified IT Specialists and global IT Recruiter network we will soon have your new IT Specialists on board.​

Access to a unique database off highly skilled IT-professionals​

We do not have an exhaustive list of all IT Specialists in the world, but a global network of professionals whom we know and have good relationship with. Building such relationships takes time and dedication of over more than 10 years, ensuring thereby the perfect match between our clients and candidates.

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We work together with and for several industries​

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How we could collaborate​

As soon as your company has been registered with a login ID and a password in our Balance Your IT-Resources (BYR) solution it’s possible to search in our database for highly qualified IT Specialists. When you find suitable IT Specialists for a vacancy you can add them to your favorite list.​

You then have the unique possibility to communicate directly with the IT Specialist within BYR, and to ask a few important questions regarding skills, task etc. The IT Specialist will reply instantly, and the process will be quick and simple. ​

When you have found the right IT Specialist we can set up an interview face to face, or by phone and/or video conference if necessary. If you would like to engage the IT Specialist, we will take care of all administrative tasks involved.